"Make your life a work of art, and your art a work of life..."

Hair Stylist / Make-up Artist

Angie CarrMy strong fascination with makeup and hair started at an early age. I have vivid memories of watching while my mom would carefully apply mascara to her lashes and smooth on her frosty pink lipstick. I still remember the smell of her lipstick when she removed the cap…
Angie Carr
Often times, as early as grade school, I would get a bit of “scolding” for brushing and braiding my friends hair during story hour. Finally, I approached the age my mom felt I was old enough to wear a bit of makeup myself. Just a touch of mascara, blush, & light colored lipsticks were allowed. However, I would sneak eyeliner, shadow and put it on at school. Often times I could be found in the bathroom making up my friends faces…

I was self-taught until I enrolled in cosmetology school right out of high school. I was offered a job as soon as I graduated from school at a new salon one of my instructors ‘David’ opened. David asked me on board because he expressed that he saw “great potential” in me. Within a year of working at the salon, I saved enough money to take my first professional makeup classes at John Robert Powers in Detroit. This was just the beginning of the techniques and knowledge I craved to know about makeup.

Through my career, many artists have inspired me. To date, I have had the honor of working hands on with many recognized hairstylist and makeup artists in the industry. I very much admire their work and dedication to this art.

Artist I have learned from

Angie CarrDebra Macki
Sharon Gault
Devri Ficklin
Billy B
Jon Lieckfelt
Robert Cromeans
Kelly Cardenas
Giovanni Giuntoli
Sam Burns
David Holland

I have also worked with many celebrities, Joey Mcintyre, Queen Latifah, Alexandra Daddario, Logan Lerman, director Paul Feig and more…

Angie CarrLearning is ongoing… I still get nervous when I am hired for many jobs, which I believe is good. It’s a reminder that as much as I love hair and make up, I can NEVER know too much about a look that the photographer or director wants. If you think you know it all, you don’t. There is always inspiration and a new way to approach a look. Investing in education is part of what comes with this line of work, always learning and getting better.

I treat every person the same and there is no place for ego. Each person deserves 100% and that is what they will receive from me.